Genre: High-Fantasy, Epos
Form: Roman
Scope: about 10 books with around 300 - 400 standard pages
Status: sorry there is no translation in progress


Long ago, the world Son was torn by a powerful energy source. Today, seven volks are scattered on six strands and a floating city in this world. Each strand is unique and every nation has developed differently based on the circumstances of there home. There is only one thing that unites all, they all need Son energy to live or even survive. This energy can only be gained by Son-Stones, which are found less and less. In this chaotic time, Arawin, a simple boy from the desert strand, finds a powerful stone that carries more energy than he can conceive. Has Arawin found the legendary Son-Source that promises infinite energy? Can this source save the world or conjure up a conflict in which all volks take part?



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