Genre: Dark-Fantasy
Form: Roman
State: Translation in progress, 3D Animation in progress






When the protagonist loses all that is important to him in one day, he takes his life during an alcohol and drug suicide. He does not realize that his extravagant suicide is a demonic ritual and he comes back to life as a demon whose trademark is his black eyes. While the black-eyed man gets to know his new powers, he has to realize that he is by no means the only demon walking through his hometown of Heaven's City. Soon he meets among other things the chronically bored blood demon Sigmael and the fairy Spittlebell, whose body fluids have healing effects.
Also the black-eyed one must realize that someone wants to take away his new life as a demon prematurely. It is the most powerful demon of modern times, God. The black-eyed man decides to fight him with his new companions. In order to lure God out of his hiding place he needs a demonic army. There is only one other demon around the world with such power and that is the ruler of the underworld personally, Lucifer.



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